Your Active World makes Online Registration and Event Management intuitive, easy, & affordable.   


  We focused on study groups, feedback from Panels, and presentations to create our software. 

  • Efficient data entry,
  • Tools for finance & marketing, 
  • Email marketing campaigns utilizing 3rd party CRM's or our built-in module, 
  • Rental & Permit management, 
  • Roster management, 
  • Reports for Marketing and Financial Analysis
  • Create/Scan ID cards, and, 
  • "TOWN HALL" integration. 

Newly released “TOWN HALL”, links everyone in the Community. Any registered User can Post Community Happenings, such as Garage sales; Estate sales; Community Events; Fund-raisers; Volunteering ...  We approve all Posts before being published .

 Innovate your Revenue possibilities by creating ad campaigns to work with local business.  

  • Our flexible pricing model is affordable to all Clients.  
  • Our tools engage your Registrants and their personal Event Calendar keeps them connected. 
  • We increase our Clients’ cash-flow and revenues. 

Your Active World provides solutions    


 24x7 Reliability.
Partnered with Amazon Web Hosting Services for Cloud back-up and redundant storage, Your Active World monitors client-servers 24/7, provides the latest in security software and ensures Clients the highest up-time level.  

Your information is safe with us. 
You Active World is both PCI and DSS Compliant; utilizing SSL technologies. We do not store any credit card information. 

Staying Connected

  It's all about the Registrants
The Registrant's personalized Active World Calendar allows them to manage all their family events and share with their friends.  They can invite friends to Events, fund-raise and more within our Community-centric environment!​ 

Need Volunteers - we can manage that

Connect to Your  Audience. 
By targeting one of the largest audiences in the world, Your Active World is able to provide its Clients with new revenue sources. Our Clients can promote their events online; targeting a larger audience while making their registration process easier & more friendly. 


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